The Fund

The Polaris Global Value UCITS Fund (“the Fund”) attempts to provide above average return by investing in a companies with potentially strong sustainable free cash flow or undervalued assets. The Fund is diversified across country and market capitalization, and typically holds 65 to 100 stocks that meet Polaris’ strict value criteria. The Fund is managed according to the model portfolios constructed by the Adviser, Polaris Capital Management, LLC. Shareholders may benefit from the experience and expertise of the Adviser’s senior investment professionals in a convenient vehicle that has a lower minimum investment than a separate account.

Polaris Capital Management, LLC uses proprietary investment technology combined with Graham & Dodd style fundamental research to identify potential investments. Filters are applied as part of the investment approach, which attempts to identify a list of companies with the most undervalued streams of sustainable cash flow or assets worldwide. Polaris then conducts rigorous fundamental research on the companies identified in the screening process, selecting companies in which the fund invests.


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